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SEM, search engine marketing, is a budget based highly targeted, geographically and topically (key words) marketing campaign that will drive relevant traffic to your site. It is literally a 24/7 auction for keywords that trigger placement in the paid ad section of Google.  We along with our client input, control all aspects of the campaign. Attached is a goggle snapshot for a fence company  in Cleveland Ohio. Great Lakes Fence which is the first paid ad, the first organic listing and the first google places listing. While the organic and places listing cannot be promised on every search, we have found the more traffic a website receives from relevant sites and searches the more often the organic and business listing show up.  Usually the first 4 ads at top of the page are SEM (Google AdWords) campaigns, followed Google Business Listings maps, positions 5+  start under the organic listings on the bottom of the page. Our clients will receive a monthly report identifying all clicks into their site based on key words used and associated costs. There are multiple strategies we employ while managing campaigns for our clients to achieve optimal results.​

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Search Engine Marketing

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See the results of our philosophy in the case study below!


Case Study 1: A local moving van line’s trucks were moving a family from Northeast Ohio to Phoenix Arizona. We placed Google ads in Phoenix when their vehicles were there to drive phone calls from people who needed to move from Arizona to the east.  Instead of driving an empty moving van back east, we advertised moving services going back the other way. That’s flexibility.

In short the client tells us what words are relevant to their business the geography they want the ads to show up in and we handle the rest.
Our process is as follows:
1.Review keyword list google suggest with client.
2.Define the geography client wants the ads to show up in.
3.Eliminate any words and phrases the client does not want the campaign.
4.Recommend a monthly budget for ad words (SEM) Our fee 30% of the monthly budget is included 
5.Manage campaign: 
         A. Monitor bidding of key words to adjust for proper position and click through rate. Our goal is to have our clients in the top 3 spots                as often as possible.

         B. Build contextual ads for campaign relevant to different keywords associated with each campaign. Program campaign to send                      clicks to relevant page on site associated with each key word (. I.e. Great Lakes fence ads for ornamental fence will be directed to the ornamental page of site.)

6.Provide client with monthly transparent reporting on all key words that triggered clicks and the associated cost.










We offer the same service for Yahoo and Bing. However we recommend considering a Yahoo/Bing campaign after a client achieve a 75% impression share, (the percentage of times ads appear in a campaign compared to how often they could) on their Google campaign.)

Case Study 1
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